A guide to financial inclusion in fragile states

The-Guardian-logoStart with aid: At USAid we are looking for ways to convert traditional aid delivery models, such as commodities and vouchers, into cash transfers that are delivered in ways that encourage recipients to access safe, basic financial services.

Learn from previous crises: Before the Ebola crisis, the Central Bank of Liberia relaxed mobile money regulations. This policy change made it easier for some Ebola workers to be paid on time, electronically, and facilitated a 300% increase in person-to-person payments to support people in quarantined areas.

Know your limits in a difficult operating environment: Often building out the infrastructure needed to provide financial services is complicated. For example, in Afghanistan, the push is to drive mobile-enabled agent banking into rural areas, but often those areas can be insecure.

The Guardian: A guide to financial inclusion in fragile states

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