Policy Priorities

Streamline and simplify coordination between U.S. aid programs and American companies investing in developing countries. Bring the private sector in early to design and implement development programs and projects that will attract private investment and advance sustainable economic growth.

Strengthen and deploy the full range of trade and investment negotiations, agreements, and preference programs to spur private sector-led growth in developing countries.

Enhance U.S. development and export finance tools to attract and facilitate private-sector investment that creates jobs and generates economic growth in developing countries by reforming and reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and other development and export finance agencies.

Pass the Economic Growth and Development Act as an important first step to better align U.S. business expertise and operations with U.S. development policy.

Adopt the CSIS Executive Council on Development recommendations to 1) place broad-based economic growth and job creation in developing countries at the center of U.S. development and diplomatic policy, 2) use U.S. development resources and tools to strategically leverage the private sector in promoting development outcomes, and 3) facilitate wider and more effective engagement in developing countries by using our trade and finance tools more cohesively.